Annika Patel

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Hi Supporters! 

Due to safety issues I have rescheduled my sleep out to tomorrow night. I am setting up a swag tomorrow afternoon so it is safe yet still challenging. I will keep you updated. I am going to be in bed at 8.30/9pm WAST. Thanks for all your support so far :) 
Kind regards Anni. 😀

Thank you so much !

Hi Friends and family. 

I am so shocked by the kind donations I have received so far. This is my first fundraising event and I am so excited to raise money for such a good cause! Thanks once again 😄


The more that I raise the more challenging I will make the night out. So please donate as much as possible. ☺️

The more I raise, the tougher my night will be

I’ve committed to having a Tough Night Out to help make a difference and raise funds for Passages Youth Engagement Hubs in Perth and Peel. Help me change the lives of young people in our community by making a donation today. Your support will help provide young people sleeping rough with a safe and non-judgmental place to access support and essential services.

The more I raise, the more luxuries I lose and the less restful my night will be.

Please help me by making a donation through my page. It only takes a minute and any money you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target.

Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

My Achievements

$55 Self-Donation

Raised $500

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sarmishta Desai

Good cause well done


James Dalton

Such a cause. Hope your night out goes well.


Keshvi Patel

Good luck my darling!


Parimal And Alka Patel

Annie super proud of for thinking about less privileged people than you.❤️


Kirit Patel

Good luck From Baa & Dada


Nayha Masi And Anthony Masa

Well done Anni and good luck with the sleep out


Rakesh Patel

Good on you Annie, 👏 so proud of you. Keep up the good work 😊


Ashish Patel

Great cause Anni!


Sheelan Patel

Keep being the shining star that you are


Ella Power

Best of luck Anni! Have fun with it :)


Neeti Visavadia

Good luck Anni! Xx


Bestie Family

Good luck Anni!


Reena Patel

Good luck Anni :)


Roshni Masi

Proud of you Anni for being courageous.


Sajan Bhai

Good luck!!! After that barge trip this should be a cakewalk


Viral, Pinky And Reiyen

Goodluck Annika! Xx